Shruti Sidpara

Birthday- 23/7/2005
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first born daughter

First born daughters become thoughtful women who do all the work alone but share the credit. They're the women who buy people gifts then say "it's from all of us" when handing it over.
When nobody else bothered to buy a card, they'll sign theirs to include everyone else's name.
She was always taught how to do everything , whether its cooking the everyday meal or changing the tyres with her dad.
She always said yes , she could never learn to say no.
She always lifted people up even when she felt like dead weight.
She's the one text/call away for her friends or anyone literally
She’s the one who says it's okay we'll call another day when her boyfriend changes plans.
She’s the girl that keeps her thoughts eating her inside but walk everywhere like she has everything in place but really her mind is just a dark mess of all the things that could break her.
She’ll a giver,
She gives her time
Her strength
Her peace
Her soul...
She gives her all
And when her cup runs dry
She gives some more

And in the end all she asks for is a little time for her, a little appreciation for all that she does, and most importantly all she really wants is for you to genuinely be happy, because her happiness lies in yours.
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