Shivangi Nigam

October 15, 1992- India

The Taste of Fortitude

" Be unromantic", said reason to me,
woe is me is not a good place to be.
" Be quixotic", said the heart to me,
melancholia is to feel and not to see.

I have spun the wheel of sorrow for the longest time,
I have forever shied from taking what is mine,
drowning into the dark abyss,
left me in a state of perpetual remiss.

Slowly but surely, the darkness turned to light,
days of bleak thoughts replaced by anticipation of the starry night.

The swallow then smiled down on me,
urging me to spread my wings,
coaxing me to carry on with glee.

For this world is full of magical moments,
meant for the heart to be felt,
and the eyes to be seen.
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