Shina Kashyap

26 July, India

Dear Fear

Dear fear
Who have been building a home
Out of my scars and pains,
As bricks and cement
Since a long time indeed,
Let me undress you this time
As I drench you in blank pages
With ink smearing those empty spaces
And you lying naked in metaphors,
Let me put you to sleep and stare,
The ways in which you leave me stunned
I want to segregate each figment of yours,
And dress you up in shades new
I want to know what speciality you own,
For you keep people stoned to places,
I want to detach you from your roots
To watch you lose your breaths
For you to suffocate just like me,
On an empty dark night
Where you stay isolated, alone
I want you to feel the same way,
The way you make people sway
As you make them a captive each time
They think hard to challenge themselves
I want you to be my muse,
As I lay you out on shredded words,
Arrange them to form a few stanzas
Where you are no longer named "fear"
But just a noun,
That no longer touches hearts...
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