Sherley T Abraham

November 1, 1981, Abu Dhabi

Rosa Alba in Debut

Rosa Alba in Debut

Decade ago, an Angel in white,
Born in Queen of Arabian Sea,
Having filled with Grace of God,
With Incense risen to Almighty

Amazing Grace, our Lil Angel!
Now in your eighteenth year,
Showering Rain of blessings on you,
We are attracted by your generosity and consideration.

The face of God glows on you,
HE blesses you,
And is gracious to you,
Turns his face to you and give you peace.

Rosa Alba - Our Dazzling ANN MARIA,
Your expressions solvents to Musical and Artistic lines,
In borne desires to entertain, meet,
And mix with people of quality and refinement.

An affectionate girl,
Having love for family,
Being in close association,
Able to show understanding and affection.

Purity, innocence and Youthfulness,
With everlasting love and new beginning,
Now in your DEBUT you've
A clever, quick mind capability of accomplishment.

Creating Happy, Versatile and Expressive nature,
Excelling in business judgement,
A fine sense of responsibility enabling
To trust when dealing with Public.

Rosa Alba, Our Ann Maria,
Symbol of innocence,
Carrying certain serenity and peace,
Your subtle beauty makes you
Versatile on grand ocassions

Stepping to Adulthood,
The blooming bud in our eyes,
Just complex and enchanting too is this age
She is our Nubile babe!

Loyalty, Trust, Secrecy,
Reverence, sentimental value, Eternal loyalty,
Home lover, God fearing and Peace maker,
Are the trademark of our *Ann Maria*

Oh dear! Dance to the tune of God's will,
Listen to elderly commands,
Act prudently and pro actively,
Thank God for what you're and you've.

Fear the Lord, you'll get Fountain of Life,
It's high time for you:
To Stop, Think, Proceed and Wait for Result,
To find the real within you,

To testify like gold in the fire,
To polish like a Diamond,
To have steadfast deep rooted faith in God,
To Steer to Excellence

May the Love of God,
Grace Of HIS Son,
Relationship and contact of Holy Spirit,
Reside in you today and forever.

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