Shelby Y. Blackmon

Memphis, TN, USA

The Bird Caged In Modernized Captivity

I finally understand why the caged bird sings.
She's singing cause she's caged in modernized captivity.
Someone wants her lips sealed.
Forcing her to become deaf and dumb.
The bird can no longer speak anything
and is becoming trained to hear nothing.
So, singing is the bird's only attempt
to break the code of silence.
Hoping that someone comes along
and recognizes the tune.
She swings around in the cage 'til
someone writes the lyrics to the tune.
The cage is to seal the bird's lips.
Yet, the bird continues to sing 'til
someone comes along with freedom.
Maybe, then the bird can sing so loud that
there will be no silence anywhere. Then again,
maybe the bird will record some of her best
tunes, while caged in this modernized captivity.
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