Shay Grace


A threatening wave you jolted my ship
An unsteady breeze you pushed me forward
You moved faster than the bolts of lightning
You sounded louder than clashing thunder

Your violent anger built bitter storms
Your soft light touch turned into pricking thorns
You left me stranded on a white sand beach
Alone, afraid, numb, with no place to run

You had erased and stripped away my voice
Unjustifiably stole innocence
Leaving me with rainbow swollen bruises
And bleeding scars no one will ever see

Your dark storm clouds covered the starry sky
Washing away all my hopes dreams and goals
I no longer found happiness in life
I found no reason to see the sunrise

When it rains I am reminded by you
The thunder, the lightning, it all cuts deep
It will remind me of my past mistakes
Stifling pain, unbearable suffering

All I know is the hurt and pain you caused
I am no longer happy or carefree
I have lived all my life behind a mask
Hiding the tears that fell like pouring rain

As the sun slowly sank into the sea
Light quickly turn into endless darkness
I will pack up my ship and head to sea
But the dark raging storm clouds never leave

I tried following the northern star home
But found myself still sailing the sea so
Maybe home is not a physical place
But a place locked up, deep inside of me

I wish we could turn the ticking clocks back
Erase the dark past and the memories
But clocks keep ticking, and new days will come
Nothing else to do but wait patiently

Though hope has vanished this ship keeps sailing
I want a life full of love joy and bliss
So I have picked myself up off the floor
I continue to fight this bloody war

At night I stare at the once starry sky
Hoping to see the twinkling stars of hope
Maybe I will see the stars once again
Or maybe they're truly forever gone

The inner storm you gave me has not ceased
You have left your sinful presence on me
I will forgive you and gruesome acts but
May I forget what you did, free the past

Just know that the games you play damaged me
It sunk me deep below the surface sea
Leaving what so little was left of me
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