Sharon Morgan

October, 1962 - (London)
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Solace among the moors

A walk among the moors is where I seek solace
Among the largest expanses of heather,
To the South, the Vale of Pickering
How breath-taking, the moorland plateau,
Broken by deep vales and valleys
That embrace cultivated woodland,
It is where I seek solace,
To clear my troubled mind
A haven that understands me
Where no questions of me are asked
Where I can drink in the freshness of the breeze
With each grateful breath

A calmness for my ailing mental health
A soothing antidepressant of nature takes effect
At that moment in time.
Among the moors
Where I can breathe and be distracted
By its beauty
Where I can walk for miles and have clarity of mind
At that moment in time.

A walk among the moors is where I seek solace
As I leave this picture of beauty
I look back to feel the wind
Beckoning me to return soon
For another precious moment in time
Where I can again seek solace among the moors.
┬ęSharon Morgan
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