Shabeeb Ul Hassan

28 September 2005
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Underneath the quilt, crestfallen she lies
Tears like pearls from her eyne
down her face like a rivulet flow
With aphonic words she beshrews the lewd chimera
who, with rage invaded her!
Down the isle of memories of yore
She sees herself, a child holding her father's hand
None deared to come nigh her
not a tear escaped her lambent orbs
Ah! The hugs and kisses of her father
whose now carcass lies in the soil
She shrieks-and gazes towards the heavens
Ah! Her ephemeral dulcet dream!
Like a rout solider whose armour is pierced
A dagger of grimace in her heart
The silence of night inhumes her in fear
her wounds the darkness of night enswaths-Behold!
Lo! The tarquin who smirks and scoffs
Deeper she slithers under the quilt
Protecting herself as hr cometh nigh!
Inside the grave her father yelps!
Who once for her, like a lattice stood!
Oh the grave! Ere the Tarquin invades her,
Let him rise and protect her daughter
who alone treads the nocous world!

(Shabeeb H)
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