Shabeeb Ul Hassan

28 September 2005
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Come,For I'm alone

Oft amidst the turbulent winds,
I hark the rustles of leaves, who sway and sing
Perhaps singing a lovers song,
perhaps weeping over the 'lovers complaint'
My heart too, to tell, has a plaintful tale
None hears-None cares!
In the moonless nights, my moon thee art
On cloudy days, a bright sun!
Thy name I hear in the birds' chirping,
Thy laughter like a lilt, causeth ecstacy!
Thy visage, sometimes like the sun-manifest
Sometimes a coruscate, and dulcet memories!
Thy calix of love and love's charm
People now strike and shatter it!
My grevious heart, with whom sadness fawneth,
causeth my throat to swell in song-sad song!
My heart eager, from dusk to dawn
My slumbers restless in the dark night;
To met thee again, to unite-anon!
to make thee laugh and cry together!
To wipe the tears from thy lambent orbs,
To be the the smile on thy bright face!

Come-anon come, swaying come!
Let this not last long! Let no more sighs be heaved
Let not tears flow! Let not hands shake!
Let not sorrow fill, the love's charm's lake!
Let not thy smile become pale-Glow! Glow!
Come-for I am alone, swaying come!

(Shabeeb H)
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