Seyi Ojenike

January 26, 1992 - Lagos
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Under the guise of freedom and choice
The same set of rulers raise their voice
From independence till this day
Their power games we cannot sway

They swap positions like musical chairs
And extend their reign with endless affairs
Their greed knows no bound or limit
As they heap their pockets, we bear the brunt of it

Recycracy is what they preach
But their promises remain out of reach
The people suffer, the nation decays
As they sit atop a pile of refuse in their selfish ways

Oh, how we long for a fresh breeze
To blow away this stench of disease
And rid ourselves of this endless cycle
Of Recycracy, this vicious cycle

We must rise up and break this chain
And refuse to be ruled by the same
For a brighter future, we must strive
And put an end to this political jive.
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