Seyi Ojenike

January 26, 1992 - Lagos
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Rainfall in An African Village

In the village,
darkness sweeps through,
amidst blinding flashes,
and the rumbling of the sky's belly
as the winds blow in,
dust and fog follow.
dark clouds come hurrying with them
the trees sway - this way and that
to the whistling of the breeze,
as open windows and doors shut.
the iron roofs rattle
in rhythm to the song.
piles of waste dance around.

Screams of delighted children fill the air
as they dash off, naked,
like migrating birds,
turning and turning with the winds.
their mothers rushing after them.
older children come, hurry in from the stream
their pots of water spilling along.

A deafening roar of thunder,
preceded by flashes of lightning
shake the grounds
as women, girls,
race to retrieve flapping clothes.
amidst the uproar, comes
the pelting drops of rain.
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