Sebastian LeAir

June 11, 1994 Southern California
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The Optimist

I find myself in a most peculiar desert.
Most Quench their thirst with intoxicating drink, becoming less and less in touch with reality.
As I wander through this crowded yet barren wasteland I occasionally look down to see the garments on my feet worn through the sole, exposing flesh.
Blisters cover my feet, scrapes stripe my knees, scars checker my body. But not in vain.
Yes. I have a destination.
Though I do not know it's exact location and the path I walk is not straight, the arrival at the Oasis I seek is a definite eventuality.
My direction, though aimless and uncommon, is necessary for the route which is destined me.
For I too must drink.
The drink I search for is stronger yet.
However, it is less likely to be found on the surface due to evaporation and diluting forces at work.
You may find me daily, fracking incessantly in this dry airid environment.
Transcending layer upon layer of worthless topsoil until I reach the reservoir containing the elixir I thirst for.
Reaching for my chalice of humility, I fill it to the brim, gulping knowledge before deeply exhaling truth.
Wiser than when I awoke, I continue my journey.

So if you see me, a smile resembling Mona Lisa's on my face, dirt on my hands, with a wild look in my eyes,
Humble yourself.

Come drink with me....
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