Sebastian LeAir

June 11, 1994 Southern California
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The Mind

Not far b behind the windows of our perception, you'll find a place without boundaries.
Archives, memories, feelings..

Endless shelves in which to store information.
This place, this endless library of knowledge in which we should actually call home.

Some leave home before adolescence is surrendered, returning scarcely for a brief visit for business.
Never recreation.

Others of my breed have never left the sometimes hostile grounds of our home.
It is not unlikely for these home bodies to try or succeed to commit arson to their homes.

Many will even deny the existence of rooms or entire floors in fear of accepting their home is not what they wish it to be or are willing to accept.
It is here where ideas aspirations and lessons are born nursed and buried.

Unfortunately, we aren't always in control of who or what enters. Whether we know it or not, nothing will ever escape.

The double edge of this sword cut me deep.
They say the mind is a terrible thing to waste.
But boy, does it get cold in here...
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