Schreydeep Sharma

July 27, 2002
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I'll never love again

She, who left me alone,

Left me alone with unending pain,

She breaks my heart and I'm crying like a rain,

But does she know the meaning of love,

Look what you have done,

I'll never love again,

I'll never love again...

I left my friend because of you,

They still love me and want me back,

If I call them, they’ll come for me,

You're the one who gave me heart attack,

Tell me after doing all this what you have gained,

I'll never love again,

I'll never love again...

It has been so many days I haven’t slept,

Still thinking about you, you don’t even regret,

I stopped eating food,

You were calling me fool,

If I trusted you that doesn’t mean I'll get some reward,

You betrayed me and my love this nothing for you at all,

Falling in love with you, it was my mistake,

I swear to god I'll never again,

Schrey will never love again...
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