Sarah Dee

June 12- Virginia
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What I Am to You

I can already tell what I'm going to be to you
I'm about to be your manic pixie dream
You've been feeling low and hurt

That childlike wonder you used to have
has been dulled by the humdrum of life
Love hasn't been the fairy tale you thought it would be

But here I am
Entering your life for not who I am
But for who you need me to be

I'll show you this world isn't as bad as it seems
I'll make mundane trips to the grocery store feel like
A bonfire on the beach

I'll make your night home feel like
An exclusive five star restaurant
Where the only people allowed in are you and me

I'll give you back that spark for life
I'll make you feel less depressed
I'll be that hit of dopamine your brain needs to reset

For a brief time we'll spin in each other’s orbits
Seeing the world for all its wondrous colors
Then I'll be gone just as quickly as I appeared
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