Sanchi Trehan

April 6, 2002 - New Delhi

A Shattered Soul

My mind was devastated
soul was shattered
heart broken into pieces
never had i felt this sad
when my adored ones made me feel bad
i couldn't stop thinking, or overthinking is it?
oh! what had i done?
i am not perfect, i know
now even others make me feel so
where should i go?
whom should i talk to?
there lies no immediate answer
names of people come and go
and as they go, i feel more low
list of people gets minimised
and i realize how much i am despised
self harm is not the way
my life is not worth to be given away
i don't know how will i live like?
bearing the pain of people thinking alike
i hop i get optimistic
to achieve my goals realistic
to live up to people's expectations
and not have more troublesome relations
as i sleep tonight
i pray to be full of might
to live a happier life
and resolve this frivolous strife.
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