Sambhabi Mondal

November 14, 2003- Kolkata
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Quests in quarantine

This feels clamped.
Clustered and crinkled.
I wonder often,"Is this how the world will end?"
Not with a bang but with a whimper?
When humans are too sick to comprehend?
Is this the price for overloaded karma?
Is wiping out humanity the answer?
Or maybe it's I who is going too crazy to rationalize.

I once read a story about a man
Whose house was lit with a million candles; filled with a million people.
But he, was outside, in the forever dark.
Doomed in the vale of shadows
I wonder if this was how he felt.
Days of doubt and and incomplacency.
Days of hopelessness,helplessness and worthlessness.
Where everything is a lull.
As one by one all drop dead.
Days where you feel trapped In the place which was once your home.
Where you are too emotionally exhausted to cry to sleep.

As I slowly lose count of the days that pass;
Lurking around the corners of depression.
As the air to breathe becomes too viscous
As the world around me becomes too morbid to be true
As I spend days looking out of my window and staring at the sky,
Hoping for specks of freedom
But receiving dumb echoes.
As my ripped heart thumps with a negative vibe
Where everything is a colourless harmony
Where lovers are forced to separate.

So, COVID'19,
I am confused.
We live in such distraught times that I am too confused to see how our past was, why is our present like this or what our future will be like.
As my body and soul are locked in this infinite lockdown.
My days are spend hidden
In the pages of Satyajit Ray and Harry Potter.
You know, corona, I prayed to God to give me good marks in my exams but funny how you snatched my entire exams from me.
Funny how something so minuscule has the power to cause so much devastation.
You made us see how fragile we really were.
How we live deluded lives to get illusions of happiness.
In your quest,corona, you were successful to make our prayers go unheard.
But, as long as we live, there will be hope.
Hope for a better tomorrow.
Hope for an unexpected miracle
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