Saleh Ben Saleh

Tripoli - Libya April 8, 1967
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Love & Words

What words shall lovers use to express burning desire?
Solely of pain and heart ache do blind lovers sing.

Love mocks the sane by setting their hearts on fire,
yet merry bells of happiness they ring.

Red rose buds do blossom in spring and so do minds when into thoughtfulness they sink.
True honest words shall not retire,
oral they are or marked in ink.

Too sweet or temperate love may sometimes seem,
but on stormy days it sways in the wind. In calm sunny harbours your heart may dock,
where bitter love will surely taste sweet.

Kind and gentle your heart may be,
but hurtful words are too painful to mend.
sublime feelings shall not bring,
when hatred and envy into the soul they eat.

Let your emotions speak out loud for pure emotions can’t be discreet.
Hide not under the sunlight and stand firm if your emotions are always concrete.

Saleh Ben Saleh
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