Sahana Ghosh

19 July, 2000-India


I did not let you know
how wonderfully inundated
my soul was with bruises
Endeavoured myself enough
to move past the void you left in me
But couldn't!
You baffled me with your thoughts
Your words, your smile
I was never anything for you
But you were my everything
Now that you have
Crushed my existence with your hands
I could not do anything but smile
With tears in my eyes.
Admonitions were received various times
But pretty bad.Couldn't control my heart
Those drops were merely water for you
That remained unseen, unwiped
Scars of your love are still on my heart
Slapping my face...everytime I want
To escape.
Yes! your love was beautifully painful
A pain for which medication was never wanted
Was I that undeserving for your love?
I watched you go away in silence
In your serene world where even my trace
Wasn't there. 
Was I that unworthy?
Now that you have decided not to look back 
I won't stop you from abandoning me
I cannot do anything but smile
again, with tears in my eyes.
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