Sadia Javaid

March 2, 1994 - England
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The light

In the dark, through the crashing waves i held on for dear life
With a broken heart and shattered dreams I caught a glimpse of a light through the cracks
I turned away not caring what it could be or where it would lead me
Too absorbed within the broken souls to try and focus on the light

As i reach the ground, i walk ahead
Treading on the shards of life
My hearts setting over with stone as days go by, leaving no gaps for the light

The cuts on my hand, my chest, my legs burning as I held on to a heart that didn't belong to me
Drowning while holding the heart above my head, while still fighting off the demons inside tormenting me
A battlefield between the hearts, one day I will get my light.

Realisation overwhelmed me, the heart i was holding onto so fiercely was not for me,
The fire we had quickly extinguished, the love we had quickly faded.
In search of healing, in search of acceptance, in search of the light

Through the years pain never went away, and the joy never came
There's only so many tears to flow before the drought comes in
I occupy myself with discipline and resilience, building my armour against the world... i had given up.
I have come this far without the light, I don't need the light.

Knock knock knock,
As the words tapped on the rocks of my heart,
Hesitant to approach, I creaked open the thick armour and the wall towering over me

It was a light, shining brighter than the first time... now its finally clear to see..

you are my light.
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