Sachin Steve


The blessed taunted soul

The sun gazed its first light on the earth.
I was trying to be consealed in darkness, as I was trying to be in the lap of Hypnos.
I was cursed.
I was deprived of sleep.
All my attempts ended in vain.
Love was heavenly;
butterflies dazzled around me.
In an instant, I felt my heart aches of perceiving the reality.
The angel who I loved pulled my soul from my flesh and bones.
Now I am a hollowshell, left to rot in the shallows.
The soul she took as bounty was taunted and torchered.
Her venemous words made me bleed.
The telepathy of body and soul made my life in the streets of hell.
Still I endure the aura of Almighty upon me.
I yelled at my creator to pull me out.
The ropes from heaven were set on fire by the demons in the dark.
Memory of my angel made my past in to a thousand bits.
I am broken.
I am bleeding.
I am cursed.
I been tormented.
But the beast inside me is raging in anger to break the chain and set the hell on fire
That day, I await.
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