Ryan Brundage

Jan 31, 2008 - Ohio
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My ideas

Vast inkinesss.
A dark place.
I wish I could drift through space.
I love that idea

A place of silence.
A place of peace.
A place that holds every place.
I love that idea.

Imagine floating towards your favorite planet.
How big it would be.
A feeling of dread.
Then a feeling of comfort.
I love that idea.

Turquoise waters.
Nothing in sight.
I wish I could float underwater.
I love that idea.

Some people have thalassophobia.
Or a fear of deep waters.
Not me,
I love that idea.

Just under the seas.
The noise of the water.
The calming blues.
I love that idea.

Some people call me a dreamer,
A make-believer,
Not a realist.
But if that’s what a dreamer does,
Comforts themselves in fantasies.
I love that idea.
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