Rumi Ullidov

April 21, 1987 - Komoran
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Your Journey

If you would order me
To take a long trip
To places you have been
And to see things you have seen
And experience every detail of your past life
I would kindly bow and accept your word
And fly with galoping steps
Towards the life you led before
I would start from the moment we met
For that was the end of your life without me
And the beginning of my life with you
A picture I now see with you near the fountain
A pile of books in your silky forearm
A bit hesitant a bit lost
And I the saviour of the day
In retrospective I would continue
Your third day at the university
For on the fourth day we met
I would go through the conversations you've had
About life, poetry and the silly loser that would one day conquer your heart
And the strange people you've met
And then in high school
Your hilarious first kiss
Your continuous fights with parents
For not letting your rebellious self out late
And your other schools
And your entire childhood
Until you were a baby
And then I'd get to witness
The birth of a splendid human
An angel at heart and an inconsiderate fighter
For her will and the will of others
The birth of someone
Just someone who would make me want to live her days
Just to trace the steps she walked
So I can smell her peachy aroma
Her desirable smell
And feel the things she felt
And meet the people she met
So I can feel her presence
Even if she's gone
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