Rumi Ullidov

April 21, 1987 - Komoran
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punish me no more

Oh Lord! You that made me believe in your will...
Follow your orders, pray and still
Punished me
With the hand of a stranger.
Punish me no more!
My feelings are begotten and my flesh rotten.
My soul in a bit will drawn in shit
And misery.
Almighty Lord,
Happiness is what I feel;
In terror I grow,
In darkness I glow.
So, punish me no more!
Then with sin,
Now with your good deeds.
With happy creeds
Or pious sheets -
I shall live my last days
Without prayers...
Intentional delays.
Punish me not!
Because now I am my own G--
Oh Dear! Just let me be
In my own misery.
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