Rumi Ullidov

April 21, 1987 - Komoran
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all the living shall death receive

All the living death shall receive...
Be it a priest, a teacher...a decent guy;
For there's no soul death to deceive
And live and live, and never die.

All the living once shall be gone
And behind leave their lovely treasures,
But once the body rests underground
There'll be no light nor guilty pleasures.

All the living everything behind will leave
For their memory in soil will be covered.
And all the light, sins or dust they hide
The wind of truth will have it discovered.

So, once the sunshine brings the day up
And the new world waits you awaken,
And you wish to embrace it, hug it up
'Til now heaven's pleasures not yet forsaken
To your delirious self these words repeat
"All the living shall death receive".
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