Rukudzo Kachambgwa

March 04, 1997-Zimbabwe
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Lai lai

I know stronger men have come before me, but you know that i got you.
My desire for you is strong
My heart beats for your heart,
Like drums of war.
I'm at war, for you.
I'll fight for you, for us
I got you.

I know i no get Range Rover, but you know that i got you.
No amount of cows could carve leather as soft as my touch
My kiss
My feelings.
No amount of massage seats will ever come close to the sensation
Of my finger prints stained all over your body
like a crime scene.

I know
That i don't wear designer
But you know i got you.
The design of my heart is pure
My love for your soul is top grain.
it's hand stitched by the angels themselves.
The universe conspired, the stars aligned.
You're free my dear, to search far and wide
but you'll never find quality like this.

I got you.
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