Rukudzo Kachambgwa

March 04, 1997-Zimbabwe
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Optical illusions.

There's a glass wall at my workplace
Which makes things that are going forward, seem like they are going backwards.
I've since stopped bickering about how black can be white and black at the same time
though i've got to admit,
That window does remind me of a time when i would say:
Sekuru, "how come the same air that you blow on your hands to keep them warm, just so happens to be the same air that you blow on your porridge to keep it cool?"
In truth i was just a boy when i stopped pondering on that question. But sekuru always said:
"that our problems care little about what motivates their interogators."
And now i find myself stuck, looking at the glass window, and thinking about the same old problems again.
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