Rukudzo Kachambgwa

March 04, 1997-Zimbabwe


Nothing is permanent, only God is
And nothing puzzles God.
Nothing is certain, only Death is.
Nothing is as universal as love
Or music.
Nothing keeps the sky from falling,
Not even Atlas.

Nothing can be built on nothing and stand,
and Nothing was built in a day.
Not even Rome.
Nothing that can’t be seen at day can be seen also at night.

Nothing makes Stacey dance like Tango,
And nothing makes me wanna go to Italy,
Like pizza.

If nothing is new under the sun,
Then nothing that can be done hasn’t been done already
Which means electric cars and spaceships where built
Before Christ and Genghis Khan.
Because nothing is impossible right?

And of course,
Nothing gives me more joy
Than bloody good poetry.
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