Rukudzo Kachambgwa

March 04, 1997-Zimbabwe


Nobody can know everything, only God can,
Yet the same God asked Adam where he hid.
But that’s none of my business,
Because everything happens for a reason.

And babies cry for a reason,
And seasons come and go, for a reason.
I love Carlos for a reason,
And he’s dad died in my father’s arms
For a reason.

Everything we do has consequence, intentional or not.
Good or bad.
And everything we experience comes with a lesson
Because experience is the best teacher.

Nobody calls you when they have everything,
Unless of course you are a part of that everything.
And almost everything is noise,
So whatever is important…love, friendship, family,
Should be kept sacred.

Everybody is somebody’s everything,
Nobody is nothing.
And everything that I write,
Is either for or about…
Because I love you so.

But of course, nothing gives me joy
Like good poetry
Because when all falls down
Writing is…
my Everything.
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