Rudra Kinshuk

1971, Bolpur, West Bengal, India

Biography of Rudra Kinshuk

A creative bilingual writer, Rudra Kinshuk (born 1971) has contributed poems and translations to different publications including The Statesman, The Telegraph, The Asian Age, Famous Reporter, Studio, New England Review and The Little Magazine. He has to his credit several collections of poems as Footprints on the Sands (1996), Portrait of a Dog as Buddha ( 1998) and Marginal Tales of the Galloping Horses (2002), Fragrant Anchors ( 2012), Meditations on Matricide (2013) and In Praise of Ishpa (2015), as well as two books of Santal folk songs trans-created into English Songs of the Wild Birds (WW,1997) and Santal Marriage Songs (WW,1999) . He has also been credited with three books of translations from Bengali Postmodern Bengali as Selected Poems: Prabhat Choudhuri (2005) . He has as translated several Greek and Bulgarian poets into Bengali. He has been awarded a Junior Fellowship in the field of Literature (1997-1999) by the Department of Culture (M.H.R.D) , New Delhi, Kabita Pakshik Samman as well as Samidha Sammanana.