Ruby Rose Turner

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Fantasy of a Foal

My thoughts, they ramble on
Tripping over one another
like a foal learning to walk
We’re eager to see more,
experience more

But unlike the foal,
who sees whats unmistakenly
right in front of it,
The real world
I see the new lies, new stories, new fantasies
All rapidly being fabricated in my mind
I don’t experience the real world like the foal

I’m living in a new world,
In a land where I decide the problems,
I decide the gratifications
Lineage, breed, colour,
prosperity, worth, and power
Problems like those,
They don’t live in my mind
Like in the real world
Where they’re so painfully present
and accounted for

So slowly I slip
Further and further into my dream
The one built on hopes and desires
And then I fall but unlike the foal,
whose dam helps them back up
No one helps,
no one knows
How should they?
I’ve fallen so deep in this fantasy world
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