Baramundi Roy

August 30, 1946 - UK
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The unknown Martyr

Unknown to us, yet known to God,
as through World War One he trod.
He'd never fought a war before
and did not like the sights he saw.

The shells and bullets flying by
and the carnage that made him cry.
He gave his all, his life he spent
as onward and upward he went.

Now in the grave unknown he lays.
No name the stark headstone displays.
Who is this man so lost and forgotten?
There's no trace of him, his body's rotten.

This unknown man laid down his life
paying the ultimate sacrifice.
By his death he bought us peace
Endured such turmoil that war might cease.

Somewhere in the world a woman cries
wondering where her loved one lies.
She too had paid the price of war.
Yet no one knew but her God saw.
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