Baramundi Roy

August 30, 1946 - UK
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The birthplace of my love

In Newcastle there's a place called Jesmond Dene
where a wonderful waterfall can be seen.
Alongside it a rough arched stone bridge spans
and upon it two teenage lovers stand.

They're looking into the sparkling water
holding hands; the air is filled with laughter.
Then turn and gaze into each other's eyes
and he gets on one knee to her surprise.

Inexperienced, and yet so determined
to tell of his love and heart felt yearning.
He muffed the proposal but she didn't care
and said yes to her young lover kneeling there.

Hearts filled with love from that life changing day,
both holding hands they now walked a new way.
‘twas along loves' highway their feet now trod
as step-by-step they travelled with God.

That waterfall still flows in Jesmond Dene,
and their love in its water can be seen.
They're now much older and their love has grown;
and red roses still blossom from loves seed sown.
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