Baramundi Roy

August 30, 1946 - UK
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Simply love her

Once more I gaze into your loving eyes
as they sparkle like pools in paradise.
Then as I give your lips a tender kiss
we both enter into that world of bliss.

I run my fingers slowly down your spine
your lovely body pressing close to mine,
and can feel the softness of your warm breast
pressing seductively upon my chest.

Our love for each other is then set on fire
and we are filled with passionate desire.
Opening the way to that sacred room
into the warm labyrinth of your womb.

Then your body sends you flying so high
like a firework exploding up in the sky.
Sparkling as you return back to this place
with a wonderful smile upon your face.

Unable to hold back I also explode
into your warm body my loving load,
and we both lay there completely spent
love all satisfied and feeling so content.

During that sweet moment of love divine,
Belovèd, I am yours and you are mine.
Bound together in loves wholesome embrace
I lay there gazing at your lovely face.

“Praise God,” I cry looking up to heaven,
“For the love I have for this gorgeous woman.”
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