Baramundi Roy

August 30, 1946 - UK
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I come from a star

Light through the darkness comes from afar
Shining in the night sky from every star.
travelling across such vast distances
and speaking into today's circumstances.

What are you saying to me, oh wondrous star?
What is the message that you have brought so far?
It speaks of distances beyond comprehension.
It speaks of the splendour of God’s creation.

We pass its starlight through a glass prism,
breaking it down into a rainbow like spectrum.
For the vastness of time and space could not
extinguish the brightness of that small dot.

That starlight had travelled at such a colossal pace
broadcasting its message through realms of space,
and it has landed here at my very front door
because it wants to tell me of so much more.

Myriads of sparkling gems each one glowing,
adorning the Universe and they are showing,
the glory of the heavens in which they dance
in synchronic harmony and brilliant performance.

Transcending vast distances their light has come
carrying a message from the Heavenly One.
Fingerprints from space enabling us to comprehend
their composition and size in the messages they send.

Looking through space we travel back in time and
are able to see when the big bang first began,
A cataclysmic explosion beyond all imagination
the birth of the Universe and the moment of creation
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