Baramundi Roy

August 30, 1946 - UK
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A picnic by the riverside in Henley

It was a peaceful and mild autumnal day
as the river Thames flowed upon its way.
Colourful boats were moored rank upon rank
as we picnicked there by the river bank.

People were walking with their dogs on leads,
as horse chestnut trees shed their precious seeds.
Trees with branches spanned across the river bank
and their conkers splashed noisily as they sank.

Several river boats cruised on their way
whilst cormorants spread their wings in display.
Bursting through the dark clouds shone the bright sun,
and we felt great, for we were having fun.

Then came along a noisy gaggle of geese,
spoiling the ambience, breaking the peace.
Another group was coming the other way
honking and hissing in battle array.

A skirmish of geese was about to take place
as they drew closer, coming face to face.
Necks stretched out parallel to the water
each one determined and would not falter.

How it would end we just did not know.
Would feathers fly and crimson blood flow?
To our surprise the threats and curses ceased,
the two factions merged and left us in peace!

The drama was over. Peace reigned once more
as I sat beside the lovely one I adore.
Then our pleasant day ended just like a dream,
as we walked arm in arm eating ice cream.
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