Roxana Darvish

December 2, 1997
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Unfortunate birthday

The midwife said "yikes!" And looked at the pale creature

"No man will take her as wife, she better become a teacher"

Mother asked "that bad?" Midwife shook her head

Mother sighed and said " I wish I were dead"

Then she took a breath, and asked for her mate

"He's gone", said a sad voice "he decided to follow his fate"

"It's her fault!" A voice shouted in the crowd

"My son wouldn't leave me if he wasn't in a shroud"

The mother laughed, and left everyone in shock

With sarcasm she said "oh no, I've lost my rock"

Baby started crying, like she knew what's expecting her in life

It started with with screaming and was going to end with knife
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