Roxana Darvish

December 2, 1997
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Far away, in deep dark woods
Lives a wilden creature in devil's neighborhood
They say he has murdered people in his cottage
They say he has tortured and turned them into sausage
Deep deep inside the woods
They say lives a beast
He hates all the children and he throws yearly feast
But he invites no human, only Woodley creatures
They say he's good at talking, thus he's them preacher
They say he loves magic, and he hunts beautiful fairies
He knows all the spells, and turns them into dairy
Deep in the jungle, they say lives a monster,
He's blue with greedy eyes, he was satan's foster (parent)
Deep inside the woods, lives an evil farmer
He harvest carrots, beans, and he is a total charmer
He has my father's soul, and he brings us fruits from hell
Vegetables, sophie, dairy, he has us under spell
Be gone be gone demon
We know what you desire
You say these poisons are healthy, but we know you're just a liar
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