Roger Haule

Independent Africa

Independent Africa.

The African food is hard to cook,
with bare hands we hire a chief,
To stave years when stricken back.

It's maltitude years to go ahead
We move fast in no speed
We watching and debating aside
YES! To wait first world decide
A body grows if better fed

No good procrastinating for soul leader
He drafts superb to wait others
I urge better to try harder
Than lie frozen in caged bars
No problem solved by doing later

They want peace yet
They sell thugs machine guns
To kill our own blood
Preaching democracy yet
African decisions is their hand to lower and rise a thumb

Iam Africa of great Zambezi
born from slavery,
Raised through colonialism,
Cherished by globalization to full understand, YES! Africa is Africa
Only if today is due date to unite Africa.

Green revolution our anthem
Let's sing together now
Let's real action speaks
Only then, YES! only then
We can rise a real flag for generations.

Towards building Africa
Kiss NO to Cocaine,
Those who kill the land
We are hunting them,
YES! Better enough to bury them alive.

For even though life challenges
Nacortics can't make it easy yet
Are we ready to die for nothing? O! Africa!

Africa who taught you to be passive?
when will you have to face facts?
Africa will be built by Africans
The land is no more African.

Feel frighten freedom fades,
Sit waiting lose cakes,
Die humble live worthless,
YES! Better truth than fake smile.

Iam Africa of great Kilimanjaro
Practical education a dream come true
In building new Independent Africa
When the spirit is ready no going back.

By Roger Emillian Haule.
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