Robert Rittel

05 February 1960
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Symbiotic language

Will you convey my message of love to the bright moon
or is that feeling of straight and true to soon
The time of your smiling eye affection,
recreating the story of my souls desires in attention
Touches in synchronicity of rhymes, harmonies and eloquence,
the sacred will to unfold all concealed virtues as consequence.
O beautiful night play with your twinkled enchantment so dear,
knowing that you can see yourself through my eyes and you are not near.
Celestial ocean, extended all dark matter and palace floor,
home of all embraced spirits and intuitive white silver door.
multiverse of choices, your gentle kisses are my firmament,
awaken my poetic lullaby in that distant flower lake temperament.
The dreamer recognition where your sensuous body is surrounded,
where the ebb and tide of light triggers vivid fragrances by memory haunted
Words and phrases from stillness appear, symbiotic language by admiration,
many lives in many characters all in one dreaming salutation
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