Dr. Robert Ippaso

Naples, Florida
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I really did it - in Biden's own words

I did it, I really did it, something got passed,
Nancy and I succeeded at last,
What a huge pain convincing my team,
When all I could do was silently scream.

The Squad were blackmailing,
The media loud blaring,
Republicans laughing while doing high fives,
My only solution to hide and dodge knives.

But now it's all changed, back on my horse,
Steering the country without fear or remorse,
My path controversial but who gives a bean,
They'll all get the message that I say what I mean.

I want kindness and peace, fairness far all,
My social ambitions unashamedly tall,
What do I care about finding the dough,
That's for bean-counters, the ones that should know.

I remember a story while riding a train,
The details are fuzzy but I'm racking my brain,
This Gal said to me "you're Uncle Joe,
That guy from DC, the father of Beau",

I smiled and just answered yes I'm the one,
She went on to say, "If not for me then your son,
Make your time count, bring us relief,
As too many of us are living in grief;

All kinds of big bills piling on high,
Nowhere to turn, just left out to dry,
The rich getting richer, the rest of us stuck,
Flailing and wailing in ankle deep muck";

Wages too low, options too few,
You must find a way to this country renew.
I gave her a smile, patted her hand,
Made her a promise that I'd make a real stand.

So to that special Gal whose name I don't know,
This for a start is what I can show;
For the rest of my goals I'll fight night and day,
To prove I will do and not merely say.
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