Robert huffman

Born in Queens, NY. November 5th 1970
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Echoes of dissent ring through the belly of this place. I can feel the murmur within these walls although there's no trace of it's origin. Once forbidden words so profound move from ear to ear weaving a web of lies. All the while the innocent listeners hold back the tears in their eyes not knowing the consequences. So obvious is the intent of the blasphemers calculated sequences. To force the hand of others, to turn the sons against their mothers and bring forth the darkness. The once believers now cast their doubt and rise against the others. The words continue to fester the minds of those so willing. Once healing hands bring forth the killing and leave the scene in disarray. Commands are given and disobeyed. This is what has come in the face of betrayals when all efforts have all but failed. This is the endgame, the way of the wretched ones, this is how it will be defined.
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