Robert Gold

June 30, 2001 - New Orleans

The Piano

The Piano

It was a cool summer evening, when me and a friend were taking a walk
Whenever we were together, all we ever seemed to do was talk
Hours and hours, paying no attention to the clock
However, I let her talk the most, because I had the personality of a rock

It was getting late, and the sky was turning indigo
And I told her, “Home is where I’d like to go.”
Then she asked me, “Do you believe in miracles?” I said no
And all of a sudden, there it was, a piano

She asked me if it was okay for her to play
I said sure I don’t mind, play away
She didn’t hesitate, she didn’t delay
It almost seemed to her, like Christmas Day

She then started to play a Beethoven piece
And for once, it seemed as though the world was at peace
As the song continued, her volume and passion began to increase
Yet, I wondered why the piano was but a centerpiece

I had come to the conclusion that the piano was a gift from above
For it does not judge who plays it, not even a dove
For it is immovable, impossible to get rid of
Then I realized, the piano, was love

After she was done, she started to play my favorite song, Blue Moon
Then out of nowhere, people came up to us and yelled, “The Piano is out of Tune!!”
These cruel people had mean intent and silver spoons
It was clear all they wanted was to spread hate that afternoon

I started to question whether they were right, I was in a pit
Yet, my dear friend never did quit
I said, “What if they’re right? What if it does sound like shit?”
She then said to me, “I don’t know, it sounds good anyway, doesn’t it?”

I didn’t know what to think anymore, it was clear I needed rest
She left the piano, like a baby bird leaves its nest
We walked home, then wished each other the best
It was then I realized, I was depressed

Since then, I questioned everything in life’s portfolio
For my friend, she both believed in the piano and herself, thus, will do good wherever she may go
For those who hate, they will find their life to be painful and slow
As for me, it was clear, I had died a long time ago
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