Richard Crawley

1840 - 1893 / Bryngwyn

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They tell me that thou art not such
As I have always thought ;
That I have worshipped thee too much,
Nor judged thee as I ought ;
That love is blind, and cannot see
Specks in the sun, or fault in thee.

They said that many bend the knee
To idols falsely bright,
And so I might adore in thee
A spirit not of light ;
That reason's scales alone could show
What all my love could never know.

That I must nothing hold as true,
Until its truth was proved,
And give examination due,
And doubt before I loved,
And after that continue still
To think that good might yet be ill.

But doubt expires in the birth,
Where faith hath once been given,
Whether of thee I love on earth,
Or Him who reigns in heaven ;
Tis not a lover that can dare
To question where he offers prayer.

No ! I will look on thee alone
Although it make me blind,
Not on the shadow that is thrown
Upon a baser mind ;
For earthly waters troubled are,
And break in pieces every star.
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