Reynaldo Casison

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One lovely lady to another

In a dressing room,
One lovely lady,
Said to another lovely lady,
I really love that dress,

The beautiful brunnette,
Had just put on,
A casual evening dress,
As jazz was dressing,
The evening flowers,

And like magic,
Her earthly vineyard beauty,
Caressed her goddess beauty,
In her shimmering gown,

And the lovely lady,
Sighed liked an iris,
You remind me,
Of a beautiful actress,

The beautiful brunnette,
Sweetly blushed,
And with her mango sweetness,
modestly said,
Thanks how sweet of you,
Im just a dancer,

From that evening,
The lovely lady,
Put on her lipstick,
The way the kind,
beautiful brunnette,
Put on her shimmering dress,
As jazz dressed the evening flowers
Reynaldo Casison
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