Reynaldo Casison

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Lovely ladies song, Melody river

I go down the river,
Of my mind,
To relax,
And let the melody,
Come and shine,
through the stars,
And my Soul,
And with the sweet river unwind,

One gets in a daze,
stays unfazed,
And let the Melody,
Come and shine,
Sweet Melody,
And Shine,
Shine, Shine, Shine,

Sweet melody,
And Shine,
Make things fine wine,

Down by the river,
Of my mind,
Where a meadow and melodies,
with the Sublime,

With the stars,
Within my soul,
I cast and paint my lines,
Make the weariness,
Like stars vibrantly shine,
With the Sublime,
Down by the Melody river,
Of my mind
Reynaldo Casison
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