Reynaldo Casison

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Lovely ladies sewing dresses

By the lamp of their love,
The lovely ladies,
Are sewing dresses,
For one another,

The lovely brunnette,
What kind of dress,
Do you wanna wear,
The golden haired lady,
A nice sundress,
With some sparkling irises,
And how about you honey,

The brunnette sighs,
With her sweet accent,
A nice comfy,
red evening dress,

The golden haired lady,
Caresses her curvatures,
Like the warm wind,
By the lake,

And by the lamp of her love,
Sews her lover,
A nice red evening dress,
As the brunnette,
Sews her a nice,
Lovely sundress,
With sparkling evening irises
Reynaldo Casison
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