Reynaldo Casison

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A gaze of her

This red evening dress,
Is so comfortable,
And lovely,

Even in the dreary,
Dawns morning light,

I would rather wear this dress,
Than all the dresses,
In the world,

The ocean has its dress,
Kissed with glimmering stars,

The sky has its dresses,
Of ocean and clouds,

The forest has its dress of green,
And with its autumn hues,
And the summers blues,
All of its trees, dresses falls off,
With the sensuous flourish,
Of the wind,

And a lovely lady,
Has many dresses,
That adorns her body,
And accentuates her beauty,

I would rather gaze,
at her beauty,
In her comfortable dress,
Than gaze at the moon,

Like a crescent,
or rose moon,
A gaze of her,
Is a sweet tender blush
Reynaldo Casison
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