Raymond A Foss

1960 / Westfield, MA / United States

Bringing Us Home

Two thousand years and more ago
God spoke to the prophet
told him " I will bring you home"
what a wondrous promise, a hope
for us all, for those who follow the word,
the way of God, who hear the Master's voice
faithful sheep of the flock, children of the promise
doing the work in the vineyard
until the time of the harvest,
the gathering in, the bringing home
when we can have our rest from toil
share in the family time, with our father,
our mother, our siblings beside us
those who like us, have kept the oil at the ready
remained awake for the coming
of the bridegroom,
ready to go to our home
just waiting for His return
and the final fulfillment
of the promise so long ago
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