Raymond A Foss

1960 / Westfield, MA / United States


An anniversary
Of a moment
(if many hours can be but a moment)
When pain brought a common numbing
A shock, pride, and resolve
Smoking buildings
Bombed caves
A world away

Fifth-five year before
In the midst of Pearl Harbor,
A prescient son of Nippon postulated -
A sleeping bear awoked
By a sudden attack,
Again from the air
That forever changed our innocence
The fallibility of our sense
Of safety within our shores
That danger is out there, over there, not here
By hostile hands.

Like squabbling siblings
United against the town's bully
Who chose one of their own
A nation together
Rallying ‘round the flag
Terrorists beware
We will not forget this anniversary
And you don't deserve flowers.
Unless you want lilies.
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